About Us

St. Louis Regional Specialised Children's Hospital in Kraków offers inpatient and outpatient specialist services. Medical services are provided in hospital wards, hospital outpatient clinics and under primary health care system.

Since October 2017 the hospital has been running night and holiday healthcare services. In the event of a sudden illness or deterioration of health doctors on duty will provide advice to children and adults.

The hospital also runs an Emergency Room which admits children with referrals as well as in emergencies and life threatening conditions as part of National Health Fund. Uninsured patients are charged.

The hospital is located in the centre of Kraków – within 10 minutes' walking distance of the train and bus station. The hospital can be conveniently accessed via public transport, buses and trams (Lubicz St.), from every part of Kraków.

St. Louis Children's Hospital promotes 
health of children and young adults through a wide range of specialist services, which include prophylaxis, diagnostics and treatment, provided by a highly specialised team of nurses and doctors.

Except for the University Children's Hospital in Prokocim, it is the only multi-specialist children's hospital in Kraków.

It has a very well developed diagnostics base. The equipment at the hospital's disposal includes modern computer tomography, digital X-ray equipment, densitometer of
latest generation, a gastroscope with visual tracking, colonoscope, video-EEG, color-doppler ultrasound system, Holter ECG and RR, treadmill for exercise tests, vertical bed and exercise ECG system.

The integration of
high class specialists from different fields enables a comprehensive approach to diagnostically difficult cases in the areas of neurology, psychiatry, rheumatology, pulmonology, allergology, gastrology, neonatology, nephrology, endocrinology as well as general paediatrics. Hospitalised children continue their therapy in hospital outpatient specialist clinics. We care about the health and smile on our patients' faces in warm and kind atmosphere.

At the beginning of 2011, in line with its dynamic growth, the hospital started the implementation of non-standard therapies as innovative methods of supporting patient rehabilitation and therapy – dog therapy and horticultural therapy.

Education for treated children is provided by the teachers of J. Korczak Hospital School.

By virtue of the resolution of Małopolska Regional Assembly of 1 
September 2016 Małopolska Centre for Children's Rehabilitation 'Solidarity' in Radziszów merged with St. Louis Regional Specialised Children's Hospital in Kraków.